September 30, 2017 “The Foxes“ are coming to Altstätten On 11 and 12 May 2018 the 11th international U19 football tournament takes place in Altstätten. With Leicester City the organizers are able to present the first highlight. FOOTBALL. Following the anniversary event of May 2016 the organizers of the Altstätten U19 tournament have commenced arrangements for the 11th event. Once again in 2018 the tournament is planned to take place at the GESA sports arena in Altstätten over the Ascension Day weekend. Thus the Rhine valley football fans will once again be treated to a feast of first- class international football at junior level on 11 and 12 May 2018. Leicester City is coming to the GESA The organizers are already in the middle of preparations for the tournament in the upper Rhine valley. About nine months before the event is due to take place those responsible have already been able to engage five teams. “We are delighted that for this year the FC St.Gallen, UD Las Palmas, FC Nitra and of course hosts FC Altstätten verstärkt are participating again" says the new president of the organizing committee Urs Schneider. The Spaniards already made their mark at the previous event in the Rhine valley and FC Nitra from Slovakia has earned itself a second appearance by participating in the 2016 final. The organizers are already able to present a new team too. Leicester City, surprise English champions of 2016 are coming to Altstätten with their junior team. “We are pleased to have been able to engage a team from the British Isles once again. A team from England is always a benefit for our tournament," says the member responsible for the teams, Urs Steiger. Talks with additional teams are progressing The fact that “The Foxes“ – as the footballers from Leicester are called – are coming to Altstätten will probably not be the only highlight, promises the president of the organizing committee Urs Schneider. Our member responsible for the teams has held promising talks which are already at an advanced stage. We hope to be able to complete the field of participants during the coming weeks and months. One can expect that once again it will be a high-class and interesting collection of teams. Above all a strong team from Las Palmas can be expected again for this event. FC Nitra will also have a contribution to make. According to Urs Steiger the Slovaks will again have around a dozen players from the national team in their squad. It has also already been arranged for the home team to be coached again by Alltstätten's Daniel Eugster. The Rhine valley team will be selected following the regional championships. This year as well the FCA will be reinforced by players from Rüthi, Montlingen, Rebstein, Widnau, Au-Berneck and Diepoldsau-Schmitter. A lot of entertainment  and challenges for the organizing committee For the first time ever the organizing committee is being headed by Urs Schneider. The change at the top is not the only one. Members of the organizing committee Roger “Wuschi“ Baumgartner, Ivo Städler and Rolf Hirt have all announced their resignations. In the meantime Mathias Volz and Michael Sonderegger are taking on responsibility for team support and tournament brochure respectively. “We have put a good team together and will do our utmost to set up a terrific tournament including entertainment for next May," says organizing committee president Urs Schneider confidently.