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Under the designation "Freundeskreis U19 Juniorenturnier" (Circle of friends U19 Junior Tournament) an association has been formed in Altstätten within the meaning of ZGB ART 60 ff (Swiss Civil Code Article 60 ff.) for the purpose of securing the continuity of the International U19 Football Tournament in the Rhine Valley through the provision of financial and nonmaterial support. Members of the association can be natural persons or corporate bodies willing to support the interests of the association and fulfil its statutory obligations. The membership commences with paying in of the first annual subscription which is currently CHF 100. -- and adoption by the executive board. Included in the annual subscription is participation at the annual general meeting with dinner and a contribution to the joint visit to an International football match. If you are interested in joining the circle of friends, please get in touch with a member of the organizing comittee
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