Sport Club Internacional
For the Sport Club Internacional, this will be their first participation in the U19-Football tournament in Altstätten, Switzerland. The city: Porto Alegre, which means ‘Happy Harbour’ in English, is the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre is one of the largest cities in the country and an economic and cultural centre of the southern part of the country. The city is a major river port and has about 1.5 million inhabitants. Owing to its location in the far south of the country, Porto Alegre is further away from the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo than it is, for example, from Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) or Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina). This is also reflected in its culture, as Porto Alegre is strongly influenced by the nearby neighbouring countries of Argentina and Uruguay. The city was founded in 1772 by Portuguese immigrants. The main attractions of Porto Alegre include the historic centre with its Mercado Público (public market) dating from 1869, the Gasometer works and the ‘Mário Quintana" cultural centre in the former Hotel Majestic, where the poet of the same name died. The transport links in Porto Alegre are excellent. In addition to the harbour, there is also an international airport and a metro system in the city. The Club: The club from Porto Alegre, officially called Sport Club Internacional, is also often just called ‘Internacional’ or ‘Inter’, for short. The club from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul came into worldwide prominence in 2006 as the club that won the FIFA Club World Cup. The team with the red and white club colours was founded on 4 April 1909. To date, the club from Porto Alegre is the only one to have ever managed to win the Brazilian Football Championship undefeated. In addition to this title in 1979, the Brazilian traditional club also won in 1975 and 1976. The club were champions in 2005 too, but the title was revoked due to a referee scandal. One year later, the club finally got another title. Thanks to match results of 2:2 and 2:1, Inter won the Copa Libertadores against FC Sao Paulo. In the same year, Inter crowned the most successful season in the club's history with a 1:0 victory over FC Barcelona in Toko and also became club world champion. Four years later, in 2010, Internacional again won the Copa Libertadores. Until the championship season of 2016, the club from Porto Alegre was among the three clubs that always played in the top Brazilian league. But at the end of the 2016 season, the Sport Club Internacional was relegated to Serie B. Only one season later, the club rose again in Serie A and now at the start of the 2018 season, they are once again playing in the top league. The home games are played by SC Internacional in the Beira Rio Stadium which has a spectator capacity of 56,000. Among Inter’s best-known former players were Ailton and Lucio (well known in Germany) or the Brazilian goalkeeper legend Dida, who finished out his career with Inter. Diego Forlan also had a two-year stint at Porto Alegre. One of the biggest players to start his career at the Sport Club was the 91-time national team and former national coach Carlos Dunga.
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