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Eintracht Frankfurt
For German football club Eintracht Frankfurt it's their second appearance in the international U19 tournament at the GESA sports arena in Altstätten. The City: With its 730,000 inhabitants Frankfurt am Main is Germany's fifth largest city. During the Middle Ages the city grew to become one of the most important centres in Germany. Frankfurt was first mentioned in official documents in the year 794 and was from that time a free imperial city and up to 1806 the city of choice of the Holy Roman Emperor and from 1562 also the coronation city. Later Frankfurt became a free city and since 1998 the metropolis refers to itself as European City. The city has also made a name for itself as an important financial centre and is in addition a major industrial, service and exhibition conurbation. Furthermore, Frankfurt am Main ranks as one of the global cities. In addition to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank as well as numerous financial institutions and the supervisory authorities BaFin and EIOPA, the Frankfurt Trade Fair is one of the most important enterprises in the city. Moreover miscellaneous sports associations such as e.g. the German Olympic Association, German Football Association and the German Motor Racing Federation (DMSB) all have their headquarters in the city of Frankfurt am Main. The largest companies and associations have elected to be based in Frankfurt for good reasons. The city is in a central location and is a European transport hub. Frankfurt airport is one of the biggest in the world with the main railway station a hub of the German railway network. The Frankfurt cityscape is also impressive. The skyline is a unique feature for Germany. The skyscrapers are some of the highest in Europe. But Frankfurt also has tourist attractions to offer. The complete reconstruction of the historic old town with Römerberg together with city hall and imperial cathedral are some of the city's landmarks. In addition to this, around 40 percent of the municipal area is given to parkland and nature reserves. The club Eintracht Frankfurt, traditionally known as Sportgmeinde Eintracht or abbreviated to SGE, was founded in 1899. The club has 14 separate departments including volleyball, darts or rugby. As far as football is concerned the club is one of the greatest traditional clubs in Germany. As with many other football clubs the Eintracht from Frankfurt has been through a lot of ups and downs. Following several fusions the club thrived continuously up to 1933. In that year Frankfurt were South German champions and German vice champions behind Bayern Munich. Following World War II the newly reformed SG Eintracht were Hesse cup winners. Subsequently the club's greatest achievement to date followed in 1959: the club defeated local rivals Kickers Offenbach in the final of the German championship and consequently became German champions for the first time. In the following year Eintracht Frankfurt was the first German club to reach the final of the European Champions Cup only to fail spectacularly against Real Madrid. In 1963 Eintracht Frankfurt was one of the founding members of the present day Bundesliga. Around ten years after foundation of the Bundesliga (DFB) the team on the Main twice celebrated winning the DFB Cup (1974 + 1975). Five years after the last title Eintracht Frankfurt achieved an international title and was able to celebrate winning the UEFA Cup in 1980. Subsequently the club achieved victory in the DFB Cup for the third and fourth times in 1981 and 1988 respectively. In contrast things went badly for the team in the league and relegation was often only just avoided. But in 1996 relegation could be avoided no longer. After 33 years continuous first division membership Eintracht Frankfurt had to take the path to second division status. Only two seasons later the founding member was promoted to the first division of the Bundesliga again. Thereafter further difficult years for the 100-year-old club followed. In 2001 the club was relegated once more and in addition, financial difficulties gave the club a hard time. In 2003 after near collapse promotion to the top flight was again achieved but after only one season the club was relegated once more. From 2005 to 2011 the club, recently under the management of Heribert Bruchhagen, was up in the first division of the Bundesliga again. Just one season later the club under Armin Veh was relegated to the 2nd division of the Bundesliga Bundesliga. However, they are currently playing again in the 1st Bundesliga division. The German Champions (1959) and four-time DFB Cup winners play their home games in the 51,500 capacity Commerzbank-Arena where the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum can also be found.