The City: Altstätten is a lively provincial town which lies at the foot of the Appenzell hills in the heart of the Rhine valley of St Gallen. The lowest point is 410 m above sea level with the highest point, the popular mountain viewing point of Hoher Kasten, being 1,795 m. At the time of the first recorded reference in 853, the monastery of St. Gallen owned significant estates in Altstätten (at that time "villa altsteti" - grange of the ancient site). In order to protect the territory against the Count of Montfort across the Rhine, Abbot Berchtold von Falkenstein fortified the Altstätten grange with a circular wall. At this time, in 1298, the place was granted township status. In the 18th century Altstätten experienced years of great economic prosperity led by textile manufacturing and trading. Many industrious families secured substantial affluence for themselves and provided work for others at that time. We can thank such families for the magnificent baroque buildings and tree-lined avenues which are characteristic of the present day townscape and bear attractive witness to those times. Today Altstätten has around 11,000 inhabitants and is the centre of the region. Around 150 clubs and traditions such as Carnival and various markets, all contribute to what is a vibrant township. A substantial number of enterprises are based in Altstätten. Currently about 6,500 employees earn their living in more than 720 businesses ranging from global hi-tech companies to small agricultural units. In addition to Altstätten itself, the district of Altstätten includes the villages of Lüchingen and Hinterforst, various hamlets and the enclave of Lienz with Plona. In the expansive mountain region with its typical scattered settlements there are plenty of scenic attractions and outdoor recreational facilities. Homepage Altstätten The Team: The majority of the team is taken from the current junior A team of FC Altstätten. Supporting players are recruited from clubs between Rüthi and Au respectively. Following various meetings and trials, the squad for the tournament is selected. At the 6th appearance in 2008 the best final placing to date was achieved with a 5th place. With the exception of the 8th appearance in 2012 (6th place) it has always been a fight to avoid the last place in the table. But the placing is not a major priority at FC Altstätten verstärkt, rather the opportunity to compete in top-class international football and measure themselves against their peers from the region. For that reason alone the enthusiasm and motivation to play in this team are extremely high. Time after time. former FC Altstätten verstärkt players talk about appearing in the international U19 football tournament as being the pinnacle of their careers. The FC Altstätten verstärkt players are released from their regular clubs for the duration of the U19 football tournament; they do not therefore take part in the official championship games for their clubs on the tournament weekend.
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